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The National Lampoon’s Vacation Movie Series is an iconic comedy franchise that began with John Hughes’ short story “Vacation ’58.” Written by John Hughes, these entertaining films are about the misadventures of the Griswold family.

The first five films were distributed by Warner Bros., while they also sponsored one more installment. The movie has inspired several ad campaigns featuring some of the original cast members over the years!

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The Clark Griswold family is a fun and entertaining group of people who always seem to be in the wrong place around every corner.

It’s so much fun to watch them do their best to laugh and be completely amazed that they can get into these crazy situations day in and day out!

The success of the holiday movies spawned a short-lived television series, and there has been talk of a reboot in recent years.

what is the best sequence to watch these movies? don’t worry; I’m here to help. Read on as I walk you through the perfect order to watch National Lampoon’s holiday movies.

Although there is no perfect order to follow because each movie has its own flavor, I have ordered them according to the release date of all the national satire holiday movies.

national satire holiday movies in order

There have been six national lampoon holiday movies to date. the following are all of the national satire holiday movies in order of release date.

  • national satire vacation (1983)
  • national satire european vacation (1985)
  • national satire christmas vacation (1989)
  • vacation in las vegas (1997)
  • vacation national satire christmas 2 (2003)
  • vacation (2015)

National leaflet holiday movies are straightforward and the series has no prequels. therefore, the chronological and release dates are the same.

here is the list of all the national lampoon holiday movies in chronological order:

1. national satire vacation (1983)

“National Lampoon’s Vacation,” the first film in the Vacation series, was released in 1983. The film follows the Griswold family as they embark on a cross-country road trip from Chicago to California.

chevy chase stars as the patriarch of the griswold family, who are on a quest to get to wally world, a fictional theme park.

The film follows his hilarious cross-country road trip, filled with mishaps and misadventures.

They pick up some quirky roommates, including Aunt Edna (Imogene Coca), who quickly becomes a liability.

“The Holidays of National Satire” is a hilarious film that perfectly captures the chaos of family vacations.

They encounter various mishaps, including a flat tire, car trouble, and bad weather. Despite all the challenges, the griswolds finally reach their destination and have a great time at the park.

“The National Satire Vacation” is considered one of the best vacation movies ever made, spawning several sequels over the years.

Chevy Chase is at his best in this movie, and the rest of the cast (Anthony Michael Hall as Rusty) is excellent too.

director harold ramis did a good job and, as in all the other films in the franchise, john hughes was the screenwriter.

if you’re looking for a fun and entertaining movie to watch on your next vacation, then national lampoon’s vacation movies are the perfect choice.

2. national satire european vacation (1985)

The next film in National Lampoon’s series of vacation films is the film where the Griswolds go on a lovely, carefree, all-expenses-paid vacation to cosmopolitan Europe.

Win a free vacation on the famous TV game show “pig in a poke” after their successful excursion to wally world on “national lampoon’s vacation”.

The film “European Vacation of National Satire” was released in 1985.

In the film, the Griswolds, with kids Rusty and Audrey, have a deadline this time, trying to see as much of London, Paris, Germany, and Rome as possible.

But another mishap occurs, as British driving habits, heinous fashion crimes in the city of lights, a massive language barrier in a Bavarian village, and a run-in with the authorities in Rome ruin your experience.

The movie “national lampoon’s european vacation” also has some funny moments, but is generally considered a disappointment compared to the original.

however, the parents, played by chevy chase and beverly d’angelo, are still excellent.

3. national satire christmas vacation (1989)

The third installment in the national lampoon magazine’s series of holiday movies is “The National Lampoon Christmas Vacation.”

The film was released in 1989, four years after the second title, “The European Vacation of National Satire”.

Directed by Jeremiah Chechik and written by John Hughes, the film follows the colossal films “National Lampoon’s Vacation” (1983) and “European Vacation” (1985).

Well-meaning but fatally ineffective paterfamilias Clark Griswold wants to have a lovely, traditional Christmas and throw the best family vacation ever.

However, this year, Clark Griswold’s good intentions to have the most fabulous Christmas celebration is thwarted by ineffective relatives, broken equipment, and an unexpected but spectacular run-in with the authorities.

Chevy Chase’s holiday happiness is evident to anyone who sees him during the Christmas holidays. She seems to be enjoying these moments, as you can see from all those smiling photos!

His efforts to make the best Christmas imaginable often backfire and he loses control. so many people share this discontent. If you haven’t met a Clark Griswold, you might be one.

The film also has a solid supporting cast. Beverly D’Angelo continues to be an excellent foil to Chase’s chase. Clark’s kids were aged this time.

the griswolds are a family that always seems to be in the wrong place around every corner. this time, christmas becomes their downfall, as visitors from far and wide visit them.

if you’ve seen the other two national lampoon vacation movies, you should spend the weekend watching “national lampoon’s christmas vacation”.

4. vacation in vegas (1997)

The third movie in the “national satire vacation” movies is “vacation in las vegas”. “Vegas Vacation” was released in 1997 by director Stephen Kessler, starring Chevy Chase, Beverly D’Angelo, and Randy Quaid.

The griswold family has never been more eager to hit the road. But, after their past failures in pleasure, they decide it’s finally time to get away from all the stress of life and find peace in Las Vegas.

just when it all seems too easy, cousin eddie appears out of nowhere with his happy little band ready on stage; Clark becomes an even bigger star than expected as he plays the slots (he hopes no one sees him lose).

wayne newton falls head over heels in love with ellen, who performs every night near where we first see our lovable travelers during the opening credits; the griswolds are finally in vegas.

“Vegas Vacation” lacks in the same way as “Christmas Vacation” in that it relies too heavily on the Chevy Chase heist for the camera, but there are some fun bits, including some priceless Clark scenes. and rusty.

in “vacation in las vegas”, I had difficulty finding something funny; the script is uninspired and sloppy.

although the only practical joke in “vacation in vegas” was a reference to the first vacation with the appearance of christie brinkley as the “hot girl”, not much effort was put into it.

The first film in the series, “The National Satire Vacation,” was excellent; however, the second, “The European Vacation of National Satire,” was not as successful.

The next movie in the order of holiday movies, “The National Satire Christmas Vacation,” was excellent. once again, my expectations for the movie were high, but “vegas vacation” turned out to be the weakest. If you’ve seen the movies above, “Vegas Vacation” might sound right to you!

5. National Satire Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie’s Island Adventure (2003)

finally, the fifth film in the vacation movie franchise in order of release date is “national lampoon’s christmas vacation 2”.

The film was released in 2003 and was directed by Jeremiah S. chechik, starring chevy chase, beverly d’angelo and randy quaid.

“National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 2” is about the Griswold family spending Christmas in Wally World. Clark is trying to do everything he can to make it a perfect Christmas for his family, but things just don’t seem to go the way he expected.

The movie is a bit lighthearted than the previous installment, with less emphasis on the family’s misadventures and more on the hilarious situations they find themselves in.

The movie “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 2” is structured as an episode of Gilligan’s Island. the entire group and their tour guide are stranded on an isolated island that is not suitable for long stays. Almost all the characters have their personal stories, but none of them progress.

the fifth movie in the “holiday movies of national satire” is disgusting. It would be one thing for the film to be wrong, but it’s also unattractive. the slapstick humor is creepy and overused, and the film features a lot of terrible blue screens, green screens, and poorly produced imagery.

If you want to watch a movie with Christmas vibes, this is definitely not the best choice. The Christmas spirit is long gone from “National Satire Christmas Vacation 2” before the team departs for Hawaii.

6. vacation (2015)

The last and last movie of “vacation movies” in order of release date is “vacation”. The film was released in 2015 after twelve years of the previous film in the franchise, namely “national lampoon’s christmas vacation 2”.

The film was written and directed by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein.

When Clark Griswold, the father of “National Lampoon’s Vacation” (1983), said, “I want to take you on a trip,” he was referring to himself and his family.

On “holidays”, it’s rusty time. it has always been there with working roots but never got any recognition till now. Thanks mainly to having some great ideas as well as keeping up appearances at home. To surprise those who love him enough by suggesting an amazing cross-country road trip across America!

He began his journey in his rented SUV to return to the places of his childhood, the fascinating walley world.

“Vacation” had a very low budget and received mostly negative reviews, but did well at the box office. Chevy Chase was nominated for a Razzie Award for Worst Supporting Actor for his brief appearance in the film.

The plot of the movie is essentially the same as in all vacation movies. As a result of his irritation and annoyance, an angry and unhappy family is forced to spend time together as a unit and travel across the country.

“Vacation” is the latest film released in the “national satire vacation” franchise.

national lampoon holiday movie frequently asked questions

How many national satire holiday movies are there?

There are a total of six nationally satirical holiday films. the first film was released in 1983 and the most recent film was released in 2015.

here is the list of all the movies according to their release date:

  • national satire vacation (1983)
  • national satire european vacation (1985)
  • national satire christmas vacation (1989)
  • vacation in las vegas (1997)
  • vacation national satire christmas 2 (2003)
  • vacation (2015)

need to watch national lampoon’s holiday movies in order?

There is no such compulsion to watch all the national satire holiday movies in order.

however, if you want to follow the chronological order of events in the movie, then yes, the movie should be watched in the order listed.

The stories of the six films in the franchise are different and not connected.

who wrote the national satire holiday movies?

john hughes wrote the screenplays for all six “holidays of national satire” films. Hughes also directed the first film in the franchise.

hughes began his career in 1970 as a writer of national satire, writing humorous essays and short stories. He then moved to Hollywood to write, produce, and occasionally direct some of the most successful live-action comedies of the 1980s.

Will there be more national satire holiday movies?

There is no news about a new “national satire holiday movie” as of this writing. the last film in the “vacation” franchise came in 2015.

are all national satire holiday movies connected?

The “National Satire Vacation” films are part of the same series and each story focuses on the Griswold family and their various vacation disasters. however, not all movies are related to each other and you can watch them in any order.

which national lampoon holiday movie is the best?

The first film, “national lampoon’s vacation”, released (in 1983) receives the award for being the best of the six “national lampoon’s vacation” films. It has the best comedy of the ’80s, and it’s very raunchy and reckless. the movie also spawned many sequels, but the original will always be the best.

There you have it, everything you need to know about “holiday movies of national satire” in order! Whether you’re a fan of the series or just getting started, we hope you found this article helpful.

check out our other movie articles to learn more about your favorite movies!


What is the original Griswold Vacation movie? ›

National Lampoon's Vacation (1983) - IMDb.

Is Vacation a sequel to Christmas Vacation? ›

Are Rusty and Audrey twins? ›

Portrayed by

Russell Griswold (spelled Griswald in European Vacation), also known as "Rusty" or "Russ," is the younger child of Clark and Ellen Griswold and the younger brother of Audrey Griswold.

How many Griswold Vacation movies are there? ›

There is a total of six National Lampoon's Vacation movies. The first movie was out in 1983, and the most recent film came in 2015. Here is the list of all the movies as per their release date: National Lampoon's Vacation (1983)

How many Audrey Griswolds are there? ›

There have been four films in the series so far: National Lampoon's Vacation (1983), National Lampoon's European Vacation (1985), National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (1989) and Vegas Vacation (1997).

Why does Ellen call Clark Sparky? ›

Ellen calls Clark "Sparky" in all four Vacation movies. In the DVD commentary for this movie, Chevy Chase said that the nickname was Beverly D'Angelo's idea, and she still affectionately calls him Sparky.

How is Eddie related to Clark Griswold? ›

As the cousin to Ellen Griswold (Beverly D'Angelo), the impossibly patient wife to Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase), Clark proves to be not-so-understanding of Eddie's unabashedly cowboy charm. That judgmental discomfort extends towards Eddie's pet dog with a nasty nasal malfunction — appropriately named “Snot.”

What was the last Griswold movie? ›

Vacation (2015 film)

Is it Griswald or Griswold? ›

In the first two films, the Griswold name was spelled with an "a" (Griswald). However, by the third movie (Christmas Vacation), they changed the spelling from Griswald to Griswold.

Why are Rusty and Audrey always different? ›

Dana Barron was going to play Audrey again in European Vacation, but Anthony Michael Hall declined to reprise his role as Rusty, so they decided to cast new actors in both roles.

Will Chevy Chase ever do another Vacation movie? ›

It's highly unlikely that we'll ever get a "Christmas Vacation 3," due to both the massive failure of "Christmas Vacation 2," and the fact that Chevy Chase doesn't have the best reputation of being someone people are willing to work with these days, especially those among the cast and crew of "Community." Furthermore, ...

Who is Clark Griswold's daughter? ›

Juliette Lewis (Audrey Griswold)

Juliette Lewis picked up one of her earliest gigs as resident daughter Audrey of Christmas Vacation's Griswold family.

What was Cousin Eddie's last name? ›

When the Griswold's arrive at Cousin Eddie and Catherine's, the Letter on their screen door has an "H". Cousin Eddie's last name is Johnson.

What state do the Griswolds live in? ›

Plot. Chicago-area resident Clark Griswold intends to have a great Christmas with his entire family. He drives his wife Ellen and children Audrey and Rusty out to the country to find a tree, ultimately choosing the largest one they can find.

What is the most watched vacation movie? ›

And one movie stood out among the rest. According to the website, 40 states love watching the 1989 film “National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation!” during the holidays.

What is Ellen Griswolds full name? ›

Ellen Priscilla Ruth Griswold (neé Smith) is a major character in the vacation series.

How old was Chevy Chase when Christmas Vacation was filmed? ›

However, at the time of filming, Chevy Chase was actually much older than his character. Although his exact age is unknown, estimates place him between the ages of 45 to 48 when the movie was filmed.

Who were the four Griswolds? ›

While each film stars Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo as Clark and Ellen Griswold, Rusty and Audrey are played by different actors in each adaptation. The original Vacation movie stars Anthony Michael Hall as Rusty and Dana Barron as Audrey.

Who was the best Rusty in Vacation? ›

Original Rusty — Anthony Michael Hall

You can't beat original Rusty.

Who was the first Audrey Griswold? ›

Dana Barron is an American actress who is best known for her role as the original Audrey Griswold in the 1983 film National Lampoon's Vacation which she reprised in 2003's National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie's Island Adventure for NBC television.

What does the W stand for in Clark W Griswold? ›

7. WE FINALLY FIND OUT WHAT THE “W” IS IN CLARK W. GRISWOLD. A passport seen in the opening credits reveals the W stands for “Wilhelm.”

Is Eddie Clarks cousin or Ellen's cousin? ›

Edward “Eddie” Johnson is the humorous and awkward cousin to Ellen Griswold, Clark Griswold's wife.

What is Clark Griswold's salary? ›

Clark is the only wage earner in the house. The current median American wage for a single earner is a little over $28,000. Even if that were the same figure in 1989, if Clark expects a Christmas bonus in excess of $7,500, that would nearly a quarter of the average person's annual salary in a single check.

How much money did Clark lose in Vegas vacation? ›

Eddie promptly watches Clark lose a whopping $300 bucks at the blackjack table, much to the joy of the sadistic dealer, Marty (Wallace Shawn). After the loss, Eddie invites everyone to his house north of Vegas, where the government has given him some lovely, parched, radioactive land.

Who is on the front of the People magazine in Christmas Vacation? ›

5. Chechik is actually the man featured on the cover of the People magazine issue that Clark is reading in bed.

What gift did Clark give his boss? ›

All the presents that were on the credenza when Clark went in to give his to Mr. Shirley are identically shaped, and likely the same gift. It is a desk organizer. When this movie came out, pen sets came in an L-shaped arrangement.

Why didn t Johnny Depp play Griswold? ›

Depp appeared briefly in the first film in the franchise and then had a prominent role in the second installment, and was replaced for this installment after a prolonged controversy that centers on the allegations of domestic abuse that Amber Heard made against him.

Who is Aunt Bethany related to? ›

Aunt Bethany was Betty Boop

In the 1930s, Mae worked as a voice-over artist and provided the voice for the iconic cartoon characters Betty Boop and Olive Oyl.

Who are the cousin Eddie's children in vacation? ›

Jane Krakowski as Cousin Vicki Johnson, the daughter of Eddie and Catherine. John P. Navin Jr. as Cousin Dale Johnson, the son of Eddie and Catherine and brother of Vicki. Violet Ramis (daughter of Harold Ramis) as Cousin Daisy Mabel Johnson, the daughter of Eddie and Catherine who was born without a tongue.

What city is Clark Griswold in? ›

Clark and his family live in a fictional suburb of Chicago, even though the movie was filmed in Colorado, which would explain all those mountains that Clark encounters when driving in search of his Christmas tree.

Who is the aunt in Griswold vacation? ›

Imogene Coca: Aunt Edna.

Why is Griswold family stranger things? ›

Why do people call the group in S3 the griswold family? It is a joking reference to a movie called "National Lampoon's Vacation" which starred Chevy Chase. In the movie, Chevy Chase and his family (named the "Griswolds") travel across the US in a station wagon and have a series of funny adventures.

How old was Audrey when she had kids? ›

At the age of 40 and one year after marriage, Hepburn gave birth to her second son, Luca Dotti, on February 8. Hepburn was also a big humanitarian and received recognition for her work in 1976. She started her journey as a UNICEF ambassador in 1988.

Who is Rusty Griswold's sister? ›

Audrey Griswold (spelled Griswald in European Vacation) is the elder daughter of Clark and Ellen Griswold and the older sister of Rusty Griswold.

Who is older Audrey or Rusty? ›


In both the original "Vacation" and "European Vacation," Rusty is believed to be the older of the two Griswold children. In "Christmas Vacation," Rusty somehow morphs into Audrey's younger brother.

What movie does Chevy Chase get possessed? ›

Modern Problems (1981) - IMDb.

What movie did Chevy Chase turn down? ›

“I turned down 'Forrest Gump,' I turned down 'American Gigolo,' there are many films – like 'Ghostbusters' – that I turned down… the first one I did was 'Foul Play' with Goldie Hawn, but I turned down 'Animal House' – I turned that down.

Why isn t Chevy Chase in season 4? ›

While filming Community season 4, episode 6, “Advanced Documentary Filmmaking,” Chase became angry with the story direction before using a racial slur. Based on the cast and crew response, Chase and NBC mutually agreed it would be best for the actor to leave Community.

How many kids does Clark Griswold have? ›

The film follows Clark and Ellen Griswold as they take their two children, Rusty and Audrey, on a cross-country trip from their home in Chicago, to the California theme park Walley World.

Is Ruby Sue a boy? ›

But one actress you probably haven't seen in awhile is Ellen Latzen, the little girl who played Ruby Sue. You know, Cousin Eddie and Catherine's foul-mouthed, frizzy-haired, adorable daughter who had lost her faith in Santa Clause.

Did Ruby Sue wear a wig in Christmas Vacation? ›

Ruby Sue, the Griswolds' adorable niece, was played by Ellen Hamilton Latzen. She was fitted for a wig to wear throughout the movie, because producers didn't think her short, pixie hairstyle fit her character.

What does Aunt Bethany say instead of grace? ›

Uncle Lewis (frustrated and straining his face as he mouths the words): “They want you to say Grace… The BLESSING!” Aunt Bethany says, “Oh.” Everyone at the table folds their hands in prayer and reverently bows their heads awaiting her prayer.

What happened to Aunt Edna in Vacation? ›

Frustrated, they stop at the Grand Canyon; when Clark cannot convince a hotel clerk to take a check, he takes cash from the hotel's cash register but leaves behind the check. Leaving the Canyon, they find that Aunt Edna died in her sleep.

How are Ellen and Catherine related? ›

They finally work out that Ellen and Catherine, Eddie's wife who was played by Miriam Flynn, were cousins.

What hotel did they stay at in Vegas Vacation? ›

The now-defunct Klondike Hotel and Casino at 5191 Las Vegas Boulevard is where they filmed those scenes. Also known as the Klondike Inn, the Vegas Strip casino had roots in 1962, and in 2004, the Royal Palm Las Vegas purchased the premises.

Was the snow real in Christmas Vacation? ›

Spoiler alert — all that snow isn't real. Chevy Chase says of all the questions he gets about the now-classic holiday comedy "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation," surprisingly the white powdery surroundings top the list. "The answer, of course, is no. I hate to say it, but the very first thing we shot was the tree.

Is Christmas Vacation a prequel? ›

Since its release in 1989, Christmas Vacation has often been labeled as a modern Christmas classic. It is also the only sequel in the Vacation series to have spawned its own direct sequel: a 2003 made-for-TV release entitled National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie's Island Adventure.

What is Mrs Griswolds first name? ›

Diane Ladd (Nora Griswold)

The mother of actress Laura Dern and ex-wife to actor Bruce Dern, Diane Ladd played Nora Griswold, the mother to Clark.

What state is Clark Griswold in? ›

Clark and his family live in a fictional suburb of Chicago, even though the movie was filmed in Colorado, which would explain all those mountains that Clark encounters when driving in search of his Christmas tree.

What is the meaning of Christmas Clark Griswold? ›

"Christmas is about resolving differences and seeing through the petty problems of family life," Clark says.

Who was the best Audrey Griswold? ›

How Many Actors Behind The Ever-Changing Rusty And Audrey Griswolds Can You Name?
  • Christmas Audrey — Juliette Lewis. ...
  • Original Audrey — Dana Barron. ...
  • Vegas Audrey — Marisol Nichols. ...
  • Euro Audrey — Dana Hill. ...
  • Original Rusty — Anthony Michael Hall. ...
  • Euro Rusty — Jason Lively. ...
  • Vegas Rusty — Ethan Embry.
Dec 1, 2014

Who is older Rusty or Audrey? ›


In both the original "Vacation" and "European Vacation," Rusty is believed to be the older of the two Griswold children. In "Christmas Vacation," Rusty somehow morphs into Audrey's younger brother.

Why does Ellen Call Clark Sparky? ›

Ellen calls Clark "Sparky" in all four Vacation movies. In the DVD commentary for this movie, Chevy Chase said that the nickname was Beverly D'Angelo's idea, and she still affectionately calls him Sparky.

How is Uncle Eddie related to Clark Griswold? ›

Edward “Eddie” Johnson is the humorous and awkward cousin to Ellen Griswold, Clark Griswold's wife.

Why is the Griswold family? ›

Why do people call the group in S3 the griswold family? It is a joking reference to a movie called "National Lampoon's Vacation" which starred Chevy Chase. In the movie, Chevy Chase and his family (named the "Griswolds") travel across the US in a station wagon and have a series of funny adventures.


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